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Investing in a car is a big investment that is heavy on your pocket. Therefore it is an essential asset that requires maintenance to be in perfect condition. Hence it is an asset that is prone to damage. Maybe you meet with a minor accident or normal wear and tear. Moreover, if such damages are ignored they can cost you more in the future. In some cases, they can make your car dysfunctional. Though some damages do not appear to show immediate problems in functionality, if neglected it will put a heavy dent in your pocket.

Therefore it is suggested to take these damages seriously and quickly seek assistance from a reputable provider of collision repair in Wheeling Il. Ensuring your car is always in the flawless condition you can always count on the Wheel-Inn Body and Motor Works. There are numerous auto mechanic shops in Wheeling IL but being no # provider of auto repair near Wheeling, we provide exceptional and wonderful services.

Wheel-Inn is an all makes and models as well as a Honda and Acura Pro-First collision repair center and Volkswagen certified as well. Their technicians are ASE certifed for mechanical work and ICAR Gold Class certified 2022 for collision repair.

To make a better decision it is indispensable to have proper know-how about different damages. Listed below are some of the collision repair services that we provide at our Wheeling auto repair collision center.

4 To 6 Collision Repair Services We Provide:

1) Paintless Dent Repair:

When you have met with an accident or normal wear and tear if your car has deteriorated without impacting the paintwork, this advanced paintless dent repair service is an ideal choice. We use good quality state-of-the-art tools to eliminate any dent by tapping. So don’t worry we have a solution to bring your car in a new look again.

2) Body Filler:

For intense car damages, body filling is the ultimate choice to retain your car in perfect condition. Our mechanics carry by applying body filler. They cover the entire dented surface with this material. It makes the dent smoothened by showing a smooth line on the area where the dent took place. Once the filler is dried they paint the entire area to match the remaining color of the car making it look as new. To have a picture of your car as if a dent has never occurred reach us.

3) Car Body Painting:

A common type of repair is car body painting. This is related to protecting the exterior part of the car. It is mostly required due to cosmetic and wagering purposes. In scenarios where your car gets a serious scratch or direct damage, this car body painting is a safe option. It will also assist in protecting from other damages. Moreover, it is also safe from rusting paint damage and cracking. Our professional ensures that the paint applied is the same as the model and the body.

4) Bumper Replacement:

Car bumpers are an important element of the car body that acts as a shield and safe you and your car from crucial damages. Therefore it is correct to say that it is considered most impacted in case an accident occurs. Our skilled mechanics know the correct bumper installation for your car.

For outclass services by highly skilled mechanics in Wheeling IL that boost your car functionality and life at affordable prices reach us. No matter whether your car has faced minor or large damage we are here to help you.

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