Liveaboard Diving Holidays

Liveaboard is considered as one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and best ways to enjoy holidays. Liveaboard is a scuba diving purposedly built boat, that allows you to wake up and pack your bag to have wonderful sleep on the water. It’s a diving trip usually for more than 1 night and on average 7 days.

Many iconic liveaboard destinations in the world will give you the best liveaboard diving trip experience but before you decide to go, just allow yourself to dive into the content below and get completely aware of everything you need to know.

Liveaboard diving for beginners can be a mesmerizing and unparalleled experience as you get the chance to explore life under the sea. As for amateur, you should go for small cruises or adventure cruises. There are divemasters available anytime to help you and guide you and cater to your interests and desires.

Pros of liveaboard diving

    • It allows you to meet new people and mingle with them.
    • You can travel to remote places in the world and view sea life, drool over the natural beauty of some amazing places in the world and the creatures that exist there.
    • It boosts your confidence and builds stamina to dive 4 times a day for several days with a lot of learning including the learning of principles of scuba diving, how to drive underwater, and what safety measures you should implement to keep you safe always.
    • Learning new and useful skills are additional advantages.

How to choose a liveaboard boat? There are several factors that you should consider before deciding.

    • Location: It’s the most important thing that matters. The best location is where you want to go, what experiences you want to get. Some locations are filled with water ruin and some are more marine life-based. Some liveaboards recommend night dives too. Look for itineraries too.
    • Budget: If you don’t want to spend much and just want to have an experience, you need to avoid large yachts and liveaboard cruises. The expensive liveaboard package may come with 5 five hotels, a jacuzzi, and a massage deck.
    • Season of the year: Some liveaboards offer trips throughout the year some are season-based. The weather of the place you want to go plays an important role. If you are willing to see marine life, some locations offer at a specific time of the year. Not to forget peak seasons tend to fill space quickly. Decide wisely!
    • Trip length and dive per day is also a crucial consideration.

Liveaboard destinations:

Following destinations allow exploring new and unique sites with memorable lifetime experiences.

    • Australia
    • Maldives
    • Eygpt
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Galapagos

What liveaboard has to offer?

All liveaboard offers some things including

    • Accommodation: There are relaxing small, air-conditioned cabins depending on your budget though.
    • Food and drinks: Mostly all liveaboard offer 3 times meal with snacks but again it depends on the boat you have chosen.
    • Safety: There are divemasters available anytime and are extremely trained. They will brief you about safety precautions, emergency procedures, wear a life jacket and a fire extinguisher is stored, and where to go for first aid.

Packing: some mandatory scuba diving gears are:

    • Diving fin
    • Wetsuit
    • Dry bag
    • Diving mask
    • Dive computer
    • Travel BCD
    • Rashguard

Other essentials are:

    • Some light clothing and a sweater.
    • Extra shoes and runners.
    • Oh not to forget seasickness medicine.

So it’s time to stop getting jealous of your friends who are chattering about their amazing trip. It’s time for you to go fora lifetime experience of the seaboard. Schedule for the fun-filled and adventurous package with a travel plan.

Liveaboard Diving Holidays