Long Island Vineyard Tours

Legend Limousines offers you an amazing driving experience with clean cars, professional chauffeurs, and a uniquely-tailored service. We offer many transportation services, but our most popular is the Long Island vineyard tours. We provide on-time service with safe transportation for you so you can experience the best tours in NYC.

How long do wine tours last?

A winery tour can last from one afternoon to two weeks, depending on the tour party and the vineyards you are visiting. Many people prefer taking cars or limos to vineyard tours. Wine tours are actually quite educational.

Tasting wines, walking through the vineyard, and the season’s harvest are just some of the things you experience during a wine tour. Most of our wineries are open for the public for many months during a year. You can plan an itinerary and provide it to your limo driver so you can enjoy the ride without worrying about the tour.

Legendary wine limo rental service

We have people for special events coordination who can plan your day for you. We will listen to your suggestions and your ideas for your wine tour if that’s what you like, or we can help you decide how to proceed with the wine tour.

We have professional people for creating the best wine tour experience for you with the three wineries tour, your lunch boxes, and making reservations. We do it all for your comfort and worthwhile experience. Our Long Island vineyard tours have become more popular over the past few years because they are great for almost every occasion.

Best vineyard tour packages

We offer two of the best wine tour packages for you, and you can decide which one suits you best. Our Wine & Dine Package provides transportation for up to 8 hours with wine tastings at three wineries. You pay the admission as you enjoy your lunch or dinner afterward at a great restaurant.

Our Wine is Divine Package has transportation for 7 hours with wine tasting at three wineries and paid admission. This package also includes boxed lunch so you can eat on the way. You can finalize how many people you’ll be traveling with and book your reservations with us.

Vineyard tours and wine tasting

Our vineyard tours are the most popular in the NYC area. Whether you are a passionate wine drinker or just trying to get away from the New York scene for a while, our vineyard tours are the right choice for you. Long Island and its wineries are the best places to visit for wine tours in NYC.

The limo rental service of Legend Limousines provides you with an amazing vineyard tour experience. Our Long Island vineyard tours offer you the most beautiful scenic view. We will also reserve a hotel for you if you’d like to extend your trip. We can plan the trip for you if you want and you can choose one of the packages, or you can plan it yourself and just provide us with your tour details, we’ll be helpful either way.

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