8 Passenger Lincoln Black MKT


Black MKT 8 Passenger Limousines

The NEWEST AND LATEST LINCOLN LIMOUSINES, these all-new Lincoln MKT Limousines are the replacement to the Lincoln Town Car.  Lincoln terminated production of the Lincoln Town Car in 2011, and these MKT’s are state of the art.  These Black MKT Limousines comfortably seat 7-8 people.  The vehicles feature a very attractive solid window construction, and LED opera lights. Another one of Legend’s 5-door vehicles, these limousines are extremely easy to get in and out of because it loads its passengers from the front and the rear. The interiors are bound to amaze with their simple but elegant feel. Three-bench seating accommodates 8 people very comfortably. Stainless steel bars and bar backings with lightly stained teak wood accents delightfully adds to the very rich and quality atmosphere. Romantic twilight stars are in the stainless steel ceiling and change color with fiber optic illumination of the glassware. Amenities include a full bar, CD/DVD player with BlueTooth connectivity, and 2 separate 22” flat screen televisions. One television is mounted on the partition that separates clients from chauffeur, and the other is mounted right into the main bar behind a transparent mirror! A touch screen control panel that controls temperature and lighting ensures that these vehicles are not only elegant and entertaining but also simple to use!

8 -10 Passenger Lincoln Limo Rentals Available on Long Island.  Call 1888.299.6789