Party Bus Rental Nyc

Legend Limousines is a well-renowned party bus rental in NYC that offers an exclusive range of party buses for weddings, proms, and other leisure activities. We are one of the few limo rental providers to accommodate multiple pick up and drop off locations at no additional cost.

Tips for planning an event on a party bus

Party buses are one of the sure-shot ways to elevate your upcoming party to the next level. Nonetheless, it takes plenty of planning to put together an event on a bus. Be sure to make reservations in advance and choose a bus of the right size and capacity for your event. Choosing a limo too small for a large crowd can make your party congested, and choosing a large one for a small crowd can be too expensive. Having a proper headcount for your event can help you find a limousine of the right size.

If you are hiring a bus to reach a sporting event, a concert, or a bachelor party, make sure to plan the number of stops with the chauffeur in advance. This way, you can avoid unnecessary delays as well as enjoy food and drinks at your favorite places along the way. Furthermore, be sure to clearly understand the hourly rates and package inclusions and be prepared for any extra charges in case your party extends for more than 8 hours.

Important points to consider before hiring a party bus

Once you have a headcount for your event, make sure to see the bus in person before booking one for your event. Remember that you will be violating the contract if you try to fit more people into the bus than its capacity. Before signing a rental contract, make sure to ask the rental agency about any hidden fees, the package inclusions, exclusions, gratuity, and other taxes.

Furthermore, make sure to check the alcohol laws in your state before renting a party bus. In the event of underage drinking, remember that the chauffeur will return all passengers to the point of origin immediately. Lastly, rent a bus with the finest amenities, style, luxury, and comfort, rather than trying to rent a cheap party one. 

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a party bus

Party buses guarantee unlimited fun, wholesome entertainment, and the best riding experience. However, be careful to avoid some of these common mistakes:

  • Make sure to enquire about all hidden charges, 8-hour package inclusions, and other important do’s and don’ts before hiring the bus
  • Avoid bringing extra people on the bus than the capacity of the limo/party bus
  • Avoid making the mistake of booking a bus at the last minute and be punctual with your arrival at the pickup and drop off points.

Speak to one of us at the Legend Limousines today for more details on a party bus rental in NYC. We also offer on-site travel coordination for weddings, concerts, award ceremonies, etc. Plan your parties in one of our buses for the utmost fun and entertainment.

Party Bus Rental Nyc

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