Refrigerated Trucking Jobs

Refrigerated Trucking Jobs

Northern Refrigerated Transport has been in the truck service business since 1947 howbeit under a different name Northern Milk Lines. At the time, it was run by my parents, and the company focused on hauling milk cans and tankers from small dairies to the creamery. Driven by our motto “Service is the Difference,” we have developed into full-blown refrigerated transportation services.

We are a leading refrigerated freight company with a 200-truck operation serving the six western states. We achieved this feat mainly because of our family-oriented approach to reefer freight transportation thanks and our ability to cultivate healthy relationships with our most significant assets, our customers.

One other reason for the exponential growth of Northern Refrigerated Transport is our drivers.

We make it our duty to hire great drivers with the right experience and attitude. Are you thinking of joining our team? Great!

Please keep reading to find the benefits of working for us.

Competitive Salaries

As a leader in the refrigerated freight shipping industry, we offer some of the most competitive salaries in the industry. We understand that refrigerated truck driving is tasking and not for the faint-hearted. That is why we offer some of the best salaries that’d make you the envy of your peers in other companies. The best part is that we make a direct deposit, so you don’t have to chase your hard-earned pay.

Paid Holidays

Most refrigerated truckers look forward to holidays, and that’s natural. After spending long hours at the wheel and away from family, who wouldn’t look forward to their holidays. But here is the fun part. Our drivers get paid holidays that make time off from work a great experience.

 Safety Incentive Program

One of the downsides of driving refrigerated trucks is the extra care that has to be taken. But some things are out of a driver’s hands, and accidents can occur. That said, some drivers try to be as safe as possible. That is why we have developed a Safety Incentive Program that recognizes and celebrates the company’s drivers who have been on the road for an extended period without having a preventable accident.

Health Benefits

We offer our drivers a wide range of health benefits so they can stay healthy without worrying about their healthcare needs.

Profit Sharing/401K Plan

We have a profit sharing/ 401K plan that we offer our company drivers. To get the full details of this plan, contact us as soon as possible.

Referral Bonus

We are always looking to expand our refrigerated freight logistics business, and to do that; we are always looking for new driver associates. Once you become part of our team, you could earn extra money by referring drivers and helping us grow.

Other benefits of working with us include:

    • Paid Training
    • New-Hire Bonus

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Our company is currently a 200-truck operation providing world-class transportation and logistics services across the six Western states.  We have competent hands that are capable of delivering excellent value across the logistics chain with services such as warehousing, re-palletization, cross docking, lift ate delivery, temperature-controlled shipments, truckload shipments, freight consolidation, and lots more. Our reputation of top-notch customer service and honest and ethical dealings precedes us, and we’d love to have you on or ever-growing list of satisfied clients. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll give you custom quotes


Refrigerated Trucking Jobs

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