Barclay Center Limo Service

Leave Manhattan to the tourists because Brooklyn is the Place to be!  Brooklyn’s bad rep to those die-hard Manhattanites who think Brooklyn is just a route to JFK, and to the Tourist who thinks Brooklyn is just a Bridge, are way behind the curve on the newest hot spot. The Trendy New York City now lays in Brooklyn.  Sex in the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker and Hubby Matthew Broderick are now selling their Manhattan pad and heading to Brooklyn along with many other celebrities.  Sarah Jessica Parker even States “Manhattan isn’t what it used to be, but other boroughs are pretty sexy…” Now some top TV shows are being shot and set in Brooklyn, naming some Hit shows: Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Glee, Two Broke Girls, and many more.

Brooklyn Limo Service

Brooklyn Nets, NY Islanders, Dave Matthews Band, Cold Play, Jay-Z, Green Day, Disney On Ice, Marc Anthony, Swedish House Mafia, Daily News Golden Gloves, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, and many more amazing acts, teams & events Now scheduled at the Barclays Center.  If Brooklyn wasn’t the New Manhattan already, it sure is now.  Barclay Center limo service is the way to go!

Barclay Center Limo Service

Brooklyn, it seems to be where it is at especially with the new Barclays center opening, having two major sports teams, as well as concerts and other events why would anyone need to head over a bridge and pay a toll or two.  What hasn’t been fully up to date with the Brooklyn craze is public transportation.  Yes, you can take the limo to the Barclays Center or any car service from Manhattan straight into the Brooklyn Theatre. But if you know the Atlantic terminal you know that it isn’t yet as fancy as the new Brooklyn.  Call us at 1-888-299-6789 to get you to and from the Barclays Center or any other Brooklyn event you may be going to with our special pick/drop rates you wouldn’t be more comfortable and happy while riding to a special event in Brooklyn.  Here at Legend Limousines, you are treated like the stars, let us know if you have any special request and we will do our best to honor everyone.