1.  How much is the cost of renting a limousine?

–        Several factors will determine your cost such as the number of hours you will need a car for, the type of vehicle you select and the number of people you are looking to accommodate.

2.  Why should I rent a limousine?

–        Renting a limousine is comfortable and less stressful than driving your own vehicle. In a limo you can relax, talk with friends/family and perhaps enjoy a cocktail or two while you enjoy ride.  Taking a limousine makes any event feel that much more special.

3.  Will 10 people fit in a 10 passenger limo?

–        No it is standard in limousines business to subtract 2 people from the maximum capacity the vehicle can hold to ensure that the ride is comfortable.

4.  Can I drink alcoholic beverages in the limo?

–        Yes 21 and over ONLY are permitted.  The limo can also be stocked with water and soda upon request.

5.  Can I smoke in the limo?

–        No there is no smoking permitted in any of our vehicles.

6.  Are there seat belts?

–        The only vehicles that do not have seat belts are the Party/Limo Buses.

7.  Do you provide car seats?

–        No we do not provide child seats however we can hold onto yours when we drop you to your destination and the chauffeur will be sure to bring it with him upon your return.

8.  Can I make a reservation over the phone?

–        Yes you can make a reservation over the phone. In fact most of our clients, take advantage of this convenience and book over the phone rather than coming into the office.  All that is required for the deposit is a credit card.  We will email the confirmation of the reservation.

9.  How much deposit is required?

–        Deposits depend on type of service and type of vehicle (average $100-$200).

10.  How early should I book a car?

–        If you are looking for a specialty vehicle we recommend booking it ASAP, since it is most likely these types of vehicles will be booked in advance by someone else.

11.  What comes in the limo?

–        All of our vehicles come stocked with water, soda, ice, cups, and napkins.  A fully stocked alcohol bar and champagne can be stocked upon request.  Buses will not come with liquor. It is against NYS law to provide liquor to customers in a bus.

12.  What is the minimum number of hours I can rent a limo for?

–        We offer you a 15 minute grace period at the pick-up and drop off locations.  Our leisure packages minimum 5 hours during the weekdays and 6 hours on a weekend. The minimum number of hours for our wedding package is 3.

13.  What are the wait time/ over time?

–        It all depends on the type of vehicle and type of service.  For a wedding it is usually at least double the regular hourly rate.  On a leisure rental it is usually about $15 more than the hourly rental hourly rate.

14.  How much is an airport ride?

–        The cost of an airport ride range.  It depends on where you live and which airport you are traveling to.  It is not on an hourly rate.

15. Are you chauffeurs experienced?

–        Yes all of our chauffeurs must have all of the correct licensing and are specially trained by us.  Our company requires that they shadow one of our experienced drivers, by riding along in the limo before we allow them to chauffeur alone, even if they have prior experience!  Also, none of our driver is permitted to drive for a wedding unless they have been working with us for at least 6-9months.