I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service provided to us on our wedding day (5/23/14). George and Sal were wonderful and please please please give an extra kudo to George who was kind enough to return to the hall to give me my purse that got left behind and well, had a significant amount of money in it to pay off some of the vendors. He saved the day for me as the vendors were giving evil eyes but I ensured them payment, if I had to start opening envelopes I would’ve, but had faith in George  The blown fuse in our limo on the way to church was a little wrinkle, but I do understand these things just happen, sometimes, at the worst possible hour, but appreciated the larger vehicle you did send to replace it. A few of my friends are interested in doing an out East drive on Saturday June 21, can you provide me a competitive quote for an 8 passenger limo? Pickup/Drop off will be in Sound Beach NY. I think 8 hours would be ideal, probably looking to start at noon. Thanks again! Look forward to doing more business with you